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Planning the last will on access to sensitive data

Die Presse, Apr 10, 2017

Inheritance law: No special treatment for private foundations

Der Standard, 02. 05. 2016

The decedent can pick the inheritance law

Die Presse, 17. 08. 2015

Legal options for the EU expatriates.


Will the new inheritance law let us pass away peacefully?

Anwalt aktuell 04/2015

What the new inheritance law brings about

Die Presse, 13. 04. 2015

EU-Regulation allows Picking of Inheritance Law

Die Presse, 02. 02. 2015

It goes without legal capitalization requirements - The British model does not harm creditor's interests and firms up stewardship responsibility

Der Standard, 04. 02. 2014

Ignorance of a problem – A statement on the Planned Abolishment of the Minister of Justice’ Authority to give directions

Die Presse, 16. 01. 2014

Company with Unlimited Liability: Enhanced Responsiblity for Shareholders

Die Presse - Rechtspanorama, 01. 09. 2013

Liechtenstein Defeats Austria on Private Foundation Laws

Der Standard, 19. 06. 2013

Money Back for Fooled Shareholders

Der Standard, 08. 06. 2011

Scholarship and Award Winners Trigger New Disclosure Obligations - Private Foundations: Directors' Responsibilities in the Combat of Money Laundering

Die Presse - Rechtspanorama, 16. 05. 2011