PDF Files

File PDF document Some Ideas on the Responsibility of Directors of a Private Foundation for Investment Decisions
PSR 2010, 173
File PDF document Foundations and Trusts: The Beneficial Owner in Terms of the Third Money Laundering Directive Compared Against Tax Law Principles
with MMag. Michael Petritz, ZfS 2009, 104
File PDF document Who is the Beneficial Owner of Foundations and Trusts under the Third Money Laundering Directive?
ÖBA 2008, 777
File PDF document Controlled Private Foundation and Amendment to Stock Exchange Act 2007 - Additional Disclosure Requirements after Implementation of the Transparency-Directive
NZ 2008, 161
File PDF document Can Founder's Rights Truly be Attached?
ZfS 2007, 39 - won Kathrein & Co.-Trust-Award 2007
File PDF document Indirect Acquisition of Shares by Controlled Private Foundation under the Tender Offer Act after Amendment to Tender Offer Act 2006
GesRZ 2007, 182
File PDF document Right to Information of Beneficiary of a Private Foundation
GesRZ 2006, 17 - won recognition prize in race for Kathrein & Co.-Trust-Award 2006
File PDF document Legislative Changes to the Condominium Partnership upon Partners' Death
FamZ 2006, 228; 2007, 46
File PDF document Proxy and Reference to Orally Created Power of Attorney in Firm Register Proceedings
NZ 2005, 225
File PDF document Exercise of Founder's Rights by Guardian?
NZ 2007, 133
File PDF document Legislative Changes to the Succession in Businesses under the Act on the Business Code Revision
NZ 2006, 161
File PDF document A Restatement of Biases - Critical Comments on the Bill for a Same Sex Union
Salzburger Nachrichten - Staatsbürger, 1. 12. 2009
File PDF document The "Meinl European Land Limited" Case - Transparency and Responsibility on the Capital Market
Salzbuger Nachrichten - Staatsbürger, 18. 9. 2007
File PDF document Estate Succesion in Jointly Held Condominium
Wiener Zeitung, 12. 1. 2007
File PDF document Right to Information against Private Foundation
OGH 2. 7. 2009, 6 Ob 101/09k, PSR 2009, 46
File PDF document Grabbing on Bank Account Information in Estate Administration Procedures
NZ 2014, 1
File PDF document The Austrian Private Foundation Judged by Panel of International Experts - Report on the 2nd Annual Conference of STEP Austria
PSR 2011, 203
File PDF document Austria’s New Approach on Banking Secrecy and Tax Treaty Policy
Dartmouth Law Journal 2011, Fall Issue
File PDF document Liability for Prospectus on the Secondary Market
ecolex 2011, 1096
File PDF document Causation Requirement and "Market Sentiment" Regarding Civil Liability for Wrongful Capital Market Information
GeS 2011, 317
File PDF document EU-Regulation allows Picking of Inheritance Law
Die Presse, 02. 02. 2015
File PDF document Will the new inheritance law let us pass away peacefully?
Anwalt aktuell
File PDF document Removal of an Executor with administrative Powers
OGH 23. 12. 2014, 1 Ob 233/14t, NZ 2015, 266
File PDF document Inheritance law: No special treatment for private foundations
Der Standard, 02. 05. 2016
File PDF document Limited inquisitorial principle in proceedings for estate separation
OGH 09. 09. 2015, 2 Ob 144/15p, iFamZ 2016/36
File PDF document Appealability of interlocutory orders regarding the inventory procedure
iFamZ 2016, 259
File PDF document Planning the last will on access to sensitive data
Die Presse, Apr 10, 2017
File PDF document Rules limiting claw back on donations for forced heir-ship are held constitutional
VfGH 13. 12. 2016, G 572/2015, NZ 2016, 102
File PDF document Deferred settlement of an forced heir-ship claim under the new inheritance law (ErbRÄG 2015) - thoughts on how to resolve a purported inconsistency between §§ 766 and 762
NZ 2017, 441
File PDF document Estate administration be adjourned upon insolvency
iFamZ 2017, 115
File PDF document Estate administration be adjourned upon insolvency
iFamZ 2017, 115
File PDF document Claw back on wealth transfer to private foundation on forced heir-ship claim
OGH 22. 03. 2018, 2 Ob 98/17a, NZ 2018, 184
File PDF document Critical Comments on the Doctrin of "Schematie Judgement"
File PDF document A lot more precise, and a lot more clouded
File PDF document Disclosure of donations under the ErbRÄG 2015
NZ 2019, 322
File PDF document Making gifts and marrying at the right time
File PDF document Do Deferred Taxes Reduce the Base for Forced Heirship Claims?
NZ 2021, 122
File PDF document Life estate and fair market value
File PDF document ??? evading forced heirship: Supreme Court reshuffles inheritance case law
File PDF document When Does the Statute of Limitations for Forced Heirship Claims Run – An Analysis of OGH 25. 11. 2021, 2 Ob 117/21a
JEV 1/2022
File PDF document Statute for allowance on inheritance share
File PDF document Continuity of text does not suffice for internal coherence to create a valid attested will written on several loose sheets
OGH 26. 4. 2022, 2 Ob 29/22m, iFamZ 2022, 205
File PDF document International Jurisdiction on Section 14 WEG and the European Succession Regulation – Comments on the Court Ruling OGH 14. 3. 2023, 5 Ob 209/22d
OGH 14. 3. 2023, 5 Ob 209/22d, NZ 2023,338
File PDF document Disguised Donation, Disinterested Generosity and the Sweeping Clause of § 781 Par 2 Subpara 6 ABGB – Conclusions from the Court Rulings 2 Ob 184/22f and 2 Ob 205/22 v
File PDF document OGH 19. 9. 2023, 2 Ob 107/23h, NZ 2023, 558
File PDF document OGH 19. 9. 2023, 2 Ob 107/23h, NZ 2023, 558
File PDF document OGH 19. 9. 2023, 2 Ob 107/23h
File PDF document Verjährung des Rechts auf Anrechnung auf den Erbteil
File PDF document ARS Folder
File PDF document AWAK folder
File PDF document Uni Wien
File PDF document MANZ folder
File PDF document 2 ob 200/23k